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Anti-Homophobia Won!

12 Aralık 2012
Civil society representatives and academians  played in the football match within the scope of Symposium Against Discriminations. The match was organized by Kaos GL in solidarity with the referee Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ.
Banned for his sexual orientation, Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ refereed 2 matches as a part of the Symposium Against Discriminations. Human rights defenders, Ankara’s premier league team Gençlerbirliği’s fans, Ankara’s Local Newpaper SolFaSol, students of Department of Social Work from Hacettepe University, and Association Against Homophobia and Transphobia of Hacettepe University took the field to show solidarity with Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ on 10 and 11 December.
End Homophobia On Football Fields!
On 10 December, at 18.00, Gençlerbirliği Fans Team and Kaos GL & Sol Fa Sol mixed team took the field. Teams tied at 5-5. Just like the previous match, challenge between  human rights defenders, academicians and activists on 11 December tied at 8-8. Matches  took place in former TED Ankara Koleji football field. Both matches were refereed by Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ, although he played as a striker and scored goal at both teams.
Kaos GL and human rights organization members carried a banner stating: Red Card To Homophobia. The match had a large media coverage on Turkish media.
No To Sexual Orientation Discrimination On Working Life
FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) supported the solidarity matches as a part of the Symposium Against Discrimination organized by Kaos GL. Kaos GL will continue to solidarity with Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ within the scope of 2013’s events such as International Meeting Against Homophobia and International Feminist Forum.
Who played?
İrfan Aktan (journalist), Tanıl Bora (Birikim Magazine), Kerem Altıparmak (academician), Emrah Kırımsoy (Gündem Çocuk), Bişeng Özdinç (Human Rights Joint Platform), Betül Yarar (feminist academician), Simten Coşar (academician), Esmeray (trans stand-up performer), Evren Özer (Human Rights Foundation of Turkey), Volkan Görendağ(Human Rights Association), Bulut Öncü (TOG), Ergün Kayabaş and Mehmet Kütküt(Civil Society Development Center), and Murat Köylü (Amnesty International Turkey) played in the matches.
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Translation: Engin Bayram / kaos GL