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Kaos GL Association Launches Its Voluntary Internship Program

March 22, 2012
Kaos GL Association launches its voluntary internship program. It gives internship opportunity for students from different disciplines. Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL) is an NGO working on LGBT rights and freedom. 
Voluntary Internship Program: Kaos GL is working on areas such as media, human rights/laws, health (sexual health, psychiatry-psychology), education, sheltering and social services. Its main focuses are Kaos GL Magazine, the web-page, Anti-Homophobia Meeting and Refugee Support Program.
Voluntary work makes up a great deal of what Kaos GL is doing. Voluntary interns are expected to spare at least 8 hours per week for a period of 3 months.
You can participate in the program any time you like during the year. Volunteers included in the program take responsibilities in all work fields of Kaos GL. The coordination and the supervision of the voluntary interns are organized under a institutional work-sharing. The voluntary interns attend in-house trainings, case discussions and coordination meetings from time to time.
They are informed about how Kaos GL is working on legal support and advocacy. The languages of the program are English and Turkish. Besides that, Persian and Arabic would be helpful for the Refugee Support Program.
How to Apply?
Applications can be made any time during the year. Early applications are recommended. Candidate’s CV and a short statement of purpose should be sent to bilgi@kaosgldernegi.org with the subject being the time you want to participate.
Main Responsibilities of the Voluntary Interns:
-Interns are encouraged to participate in the Local Correspondent Trainings organized by Kaos GL Association.
-Making news and interviews for Kaos GL Magazine and the web-page.
-Organizing primarily the youth works and representing Kaos GL Association.
-Translation support for Kaos GL Magazine and the web-page. Interpreting when needed.
-Organizing the social service and support provided by Kaos GL Association and creating new support resources.
-Helping report the violation of LGBT’s human rights.
-Taking responsibilities during Anti-Homophobia Meeting activities both in Ankara and different localities
-Joining media reporting and media literacy activities
-Organizing and popularizing the human rights trainings organized by the human rights program
-Translating some documents
-Taking responsibilities during preparation of some documents for clients and office staff, joining in the general work-sharing about the physical organization of the office
-These responsibilities are decided upon with the Kaos GL Coordination of Volunteers. Interns take responsibilities in the fields they are most interested in.