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Training on Human Rights Reporting at Kaos GL

January 25, 2013
Kaos GL organized a reporting training on the violations of LGBT human rights on January 15-18, 2013. In the training, means of reporting and monitoring the human rights violations and abuses directed particularly against Iranian LGBT refugees were explained in collaboration with the Hearthland Alliance and Iranian Queer Organization.
Presentations and group works done in the training included subjects like human rights and sexual rights, international and regional human rights protection systems, religion and culture in regard to human rights and reporting and monitoring of violations and abuses. Zeynep Acar, one of the participants of the training, said that the training successfully covered “international aspect of the human rights issues”. Erkan Yıldırım, another participant and an intern at Kaos GL, added that “We went to satellite cities to make interviews with the refugees. I enhanced my understanding that I had acquired during my internship thanks to this training.”
Following the conclusion of the training, a group of six visited refugees and asylum seekers placed in Denizli. A meeting was held to establish further communication with supported individuals and to determine following steps in regard to refugees’ demands and needs.
Translator: Engin Bayram