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Kaos GL visited 11 cities in March

June 03, 2016

The Anti-Homophobia Meeting 2016 of the Kaos GL Association made it to 11 cities in March. Trabzon, Maras, Yalova, Zonguldak, Nazilli, Aydin, Eskisehir, Kocaeli, Ankara, Erzurum and Izmir were the meeting points for those against homophobia and transphobia.


Trabzon: Social workers’ meeting

On March 26, Kaos GL met social workers from public and private sectors alike to discuss homophobia and transphobia. Hosted by the Social Workers Association Trabzon Branch, the event took place in the Trabzon Bar Assocation and brought about 20 social workers together.

The same day, a training on LGBTI rights was given to lawyers at the Trabzon Bar Association’s Training Center. In the even hosted by the Trabzon Bar Association’s Women’s Commission, Pink Life and Kaos GL from the Rainbow Coalition met about 20 lawyers from the Yough Lawyers’ Group, Human Rights Center and Women’s Rights Commission.

Maras: My Child

Hosted by the Group Young Heroes, an interview was organzied in support of the Kaos GL Association’s Local Anti-Homophobia Meetings Small Grant. The event took place on March 26 in the Sular Hotel with participation of Yildiz Tar of Kaos GL Association and Omer Ceylan from the LISTAG (Families and Friends of LGBTIs in Turkey).

Yalova: Social Works and Civil Society Organizations

Secin Tuncel and Koray Arkadas of Kaos GL participated in the “Social Work and Civil Society Organizations” lesson at the Social Work Department of Cinarcik Vocational School and talked about heterosexism in the social work.

As part of the lesson, a two-hour panel titled “LGBTI and Social Work” welcomed about 120 students on March 7.

Zonguldak: Gender and Discrimination

Bulent Ecevit University’s Social and Cultural Activities Student Group organized Youth Films Festival on March 24-25 where homophobia, transphobia and gender based discrimination were discussed, as well.

On the second day of the festival, Yildiz Tar of Kaos GL participated in an interview titled “Love Zeki Muren / Gender and Discrimination”. As the university administration did not allow the students to host the event, it took place at the Zonguldak Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

Kocaeli: Queer Companionship

A panel titled “Queer Companionship against Heterosexism and Patriarchy” was hosted by Kocaeli LGBTI Initiative on March 2. Yildiz Tar of Kaos GL and Ozan Ugur of Pink Life talked in the event that took place Kocaeli Education and Science Workers’ Union.

Eskisehir: Gender and Media

Secin Tuncel of Kaos GL particiaped in “Gender and Media” lesson of Assistant Professor Doctor Aysel Kayaoglu at the Communications Faculty of Anadolu University and presented news examples from 80s and 90s to discuss discrimination, heterosexism and new social movements.

Nazilli: Social Work

Social worker Tarik Simsek and Secin Tuncel from the Kaos GL Association’s Social Work Group participated in the “Gender and Social Work” lesson of Seray Eren and introduction lesson of Department Chair Ass. Prof. Musa Ikizoglu and Erhan Ates.

Aydin: Social Work

Kaos GL Social Work Group met social workers in an event hosted by Social Workers Association on March 5. The event took place in the Aydin Municipality’s Sukran Gungor Theatre Hall with participation of Esra Aynaci, Burcu Yamaner and Tarik Simsek.

Izmir: Hate Discourse panel, Media School, Love Zeki Muren

On March 4, Yildiz Tar of Kaos GL explained hate speech and crime in a panel by Ege University’s LGBTI student group LeGeBIT. In the event that took place in Izmir Bornova Municipality’s Youth Center, Kaos GL Association’s publications on hate speech and discrimination were distributed to the participants.

On March 5, Izmir branch of the Media School brough together KaosGL.org correspondent candidates together where they discussed and practised how to make news about discrimination, social justice and human rights. The workshop that took place in the Yenikapi Theather was run by human rights defender Murat Cekic and KaosGL.org editor Yildiz Tar.

On March 6, KaosGL.org editor Yildiz Tar presented excerpts from French, English and Turkish literature to discuss LGBTI existence in art and life at the event titled “Love Zeki Muren”.

Ankara: Media School

In the workshop where about 20 participants from Ankara, Istanbul and Adana attended, KaosGL.org editor Yildiz Tar made a presentation about rights-based journalism, hate speech in media and interview techniques.

Erzurum: Training for teachers

Secin Tuncel of Kaos GL and Ada Ummuhan Kose of Education and Science Workers’ Union Branch No. 3 LGBTI Commission discusses homophobia and transphobia in education at a workshop held on March 22.   

*All the events took place with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Rainbow Solidarité and Open Society Foundation under the scope of Local Meetings Small Grant, and European Union’s Sivil Dusun Program.